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MAY 24, 2019 


Proposal FAQ's

"Intersectionalities and Sexuality/Relationship Diversity."

2019 Theme: Intersectionalities and Sexuality/Relationship Diversity.


MOTE welcomes your submission of proposals which contribute to the conversation about the intersection-alities of sex, gender, race, disability, size, age, privilege, relationship structure/style, and erotic orientation.

About our theme


Illustrative topics might include:

  • literature reviews,

  • research presentation,

  • early research findings,

  • history and philosophy of polyamory or swinging culture,

  • separating BDSM practice from abuse,

  • co-morbidity factors,

  • issues of transference/counter-transference,

  • impact of BDSM practices on clients with trauma history,

  • edge play dynamics,

  • concepts of consent,

  • theoretical constructs,

  • therapy with polyamorous family dynamics,

  • and therapy around open relationships, asexuality, sex work, intersections between sexualities and genders, marginalized identities intersecting with sexualities, new monogamies, desire and sexual interest discrepancies in relationships.

Suggested topics:


We strongly encourage you to write out responses in a word processing document and then copy and paste your answers into the form, just in case your browser times out.


All workshop sessions are 70-minutes in length.

Proposal tips: 


If you have any questions, please contact us at team@mote-con.com



We strongly encourage you take the time in advance to gather the information below. The submission process asks for a lot of information, and may take some time to complete.

What do I need to submit?


  • Name, title of presentation, contact information

  • 300 word summary of presentation

  • 3 learning objectives for presentation (except for poster presentations)

  • List of references or the literature basis for presentation

  • Describe how your presentation presents a cutting edge approach or an important topic that is rarely discussed.

  • Presentation Content Level

    • Beginner level suggests attendees have little or no knowledge of the topic, such as BDSM/poly/etc.

    • Intermediate level suggests some exposure to the issues being addressed, or have worked with at least one client.

    • Advanced level assumes attendees are proficient with these populations and have worked with 5 or more clients or have conducted research or field work with these populations.

Be prepared to submit:


Presenters (accepted proposals) are able to register for the conference at a reduced registration price of $60.


There will be a special code for registration sent to the presenters after notification of acceptance.

Do presenters get a discount?


Click here  to submit your proposal with  our online form

Due by 11:59 pm March1, 2019 

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